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Sage Grouse Working Group

Notes From The Sage Grouse Working Group



                  Attached are some unofficial notes from the Idaho Sage Grouse Committee (SAC) meetings. Please look them over and then distribute them to the membership. Also attached is an official letter from IDFG to US Fish and Wildlife service that summarizes what the Sage Grouse Local Working Groups have been doing in cooperation with various State and Federal agencies. This is a critical decision year concerning the official status of greater sage-grouse in the western United States. By December, we (may) know what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serivce's decision will be concerning sage grouse and the Endangered Species Act.



                                                      Rich Howard


Relevant Documentation

Hunting and Sage-Grouse SAGE-GROUSE Working Group Minutes
Sage grouse Groen Letter to FWS on SG petition FINAL Sage Grouse July 2008 notes
  NAGP Jan 22 2009 Letter FAA