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NAFA Announcement

NAFA Announcement

Posted 2/6/2015

Dear NAFA Member,

I'm writing to let you know that it appears the publication of the new US Federal Falconry Regulations is imminent. Many state fish and game departments now have a copy of the federal regulations in their possession; this is one of the last steps before the regulations are released.

We believe, as the original draft regulations propose, the new regulations include:


  • Elimination of the Federal Permit—this should essentially eliminate inspections and other enforcement action by federal authorities
  • Liberalized regulations relative to the number of birds allowed, particularly regarding captive bred raptors
  • Liberalized regulations relative to raptors allowed by apprentice falconers
  • Let-it-lay provisions

NAFA will be prepared to assist falconers in every state to have the revisions adopted state by state.


I believe these regulations and other work done by NAFA, as well as NAFA members at the state level, should work towards eliminating or reducing the threat of confiscation of raptors held in captivity.


I assure you that NAFA leaders will continually work for improvements to the falconry regulations as they have for decades. Work by your NAFA leadership has helped to lay much of the groundwork for these new regulations, which we expect to be released shortly.


Thank you for your continuing support of NAFA!

Dan Cecchini, Jr., President
North American Falconers' Association